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We – Aum Techmantra – an Info-Tech Co. Partner with:

We are the Google Partner!



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Aum Techmantra is an Info-Tech Co.

All-in-one : the Google Ads!

Marketing is about reaching people who want to buy what you’re selling. And what’s a great way to do that? Advertising on the most popular search engine—Google! Google Ads is a powerful online advertising tool. It helps businesses connect with people searching for products or services online.

If you are not using Google Ads, you might be missing out on a large audience interested in what you offer. Drive targeted traffic, boost conversations, and maximize ROI through Aum Techmantra’s expertise in Google Ads—an unbeatable strategy to elevate your online presence and achieve business success!

Google Ads is a vital tool for businesses aiming to dominate the digital landscape. Let’s grow together.

We – Aum Techmantra – an Info-Tech Co. Partner with:

Choose your goals at Google Ads!


Enhance Lead Generation and Conversions

Allow us to make the Google Ads your helper to generate new leads, boost your conversion rates, and efficiently manage the entire process.


Amplify Your Online Sales, Strategically

We use Google Ads to strategically select platforms, boosting online revenue, attracting new customers, and driving traffic & leads to your website.


Get more customers through the door of your store

We harness the power of Google Ads to select the right platforms that drive foot traffic to your stores, ultimately boosting offline sales.


Get more eyes on your business – the Branding

We, with Google Ads, enhance your business’s reach and engagement by ensuring your presence in the right place at the right time.


Promote your app and find new users

We do drive app installations, engagements, and sign-ups on mobile devices by employing Google Ads to strategically promote your app.


Engage the eye with Google Ads.

We showcase your offerings to the right audience by using effective Google Ads strategies. When potential customers actively search for products or services you provide, it’s crucial to be visible. Whether they are browsing from home or stepping into a physical store, we ensure your business stands out.

Aum Techmantra, as a Google Ads partner and a comprehensive IT company, brings the expertise to enhance your online visibility. We ensure your products grab attention in the eyes of your potential customers.

Loews Hotels and Resorts grows customer base with similar audiences with the help of Google Ads

Offer up your inventory with Google Ads.


Display your inventory prominently when shoppers are actively looking to make a purchase. With eye-catching product listings, ensure potential customers are aware of what you have in stock, boosting your chances of driving more sales.

How Aum Techmantra can help? Your Success, Our Priority: Aum Techmantra, as a Google Ads partner and a comprehensive IT company, is dedicated to elevating your business. Through strategic approaches, we enhance the visibility of your inventory, making sure your products capture attention and drive meaningful sales growth

US-Mattress Wakes Up Online Sales With Google Shopping Campaigns

Bring your brand to life thru videos with Google Ads.

Illuminate your brand story with video ads—where every frame speaks louder than words, capturing hearts and leaving a lasting impression that transcends the limits of conventional advertising. Connect with potential customers as they search, browse, or enjoy content. Take the first step today and witness the impact on your results.

Increase awareness and connect with viewers who have seen your ads before, while also reaching out to potential customers who are actively watching or searching for videos on YouTube.

Video advertising is a powerful tool to bring your brand to life, engage your audience, and make a lasting impression, and Aum Techmantra, as a Google Ads partner and expert in IT solutions, can guide you in creating impactful video campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

How Flipkart positioned itself as “India Ka Fashion Capital” through videos on YouTube with Google Ads

Promote your app with Google Ads.

Promoting your app is crucial to ensure its success in today’s competitive digital landscape. We, by utilizing Google Ads, you can reach out to potential users who are actively searching for apps like yours, driving installations and expanding your user base. Google Ads allows you to re-engage with your existing users, encouraging them to take further actions within your app.

With the expertise of Aum Techmantra, a trusted Google Ads partner & IT Co., you can effectively maximise your app promotion and maximizing your app’s visibility and attracting more users.

Riot Games uses Google Marketing Platform to level-up their player base

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