Why Choose Aum Techmantra?

At Aum Techmantra, we don’t just provide IT services; we craft technology solutions that elevate your business. Our journey is marked by eight years of dynamic experience, making us seasoned experts in the field. Our remarkable team boasts a diverse set of skills, from software development and web design to mobile app development, SEO, and project management.

We understand that your business operates around the clock, so we do too. Our client support team is at your service 24/7, ensuring you receive the assistance you need when you need it. Our global recognition and local availability provide us with the unique advantage of quick scalability, all while maintaining top-notch quality. Our project managers are skilled in risk management, project scope definition, and ensuring timely, on-budget, high-quality project delivery.

Your success is our relentless mission. From software development to cloud computing and beyond, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs. Choose Aum Techmantra, where your IT dreams are transformed into reality, seamlessly integrating with your vision and ambitions.


Aum Techmantra

Award-Winning Team

Aum Techmantra is a dynamic organization that’s making waves in the global arena, offering cutting-edge solutions in Geospatial, Information Technology, and Web and mobile Application development.

We specialize in a wide range of services, including GIS, lidar, remote sensing, web mapping, surveying, topographic & aerial survey, CAD/CAM, management, sales, and strategic planning.

We are proud to share that Aum Techmantra has earned its place among the TOP 25 MOST PROMISING GIS CONSULTANTS, as recognised by the prestigious “Consultants Review” magazine. This accolade underscores our dedication to delivering innovative solutions and our position as a trusted partner in the industry. Join us on this remarkable journey of technological excellence!

    Why Choose Us #1

    Customisation at Heart

    At Aum Techmantra, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to customization. It’s not just a feature of our solutions; it’s at the very heart of what we do. Unlike one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf solutions, we believe that your unique needs deserve equally unique and meticulously tailored answers.

    Our customization process is an art form. We begin by delving deep into your requirements, understanding your specific pain points, and envisioning the ideal solution that perfectly aligns with your goals. This personalized approach is what sets us apart in the industry.

    Every line of code, every design element, and every feature we craft is done with precision and care, ensuring that your solution isn’t just functional, but a perfect match for your needs. We understand that your business is unique, and your IT solutions should reflect that distinctiveness.


    Why Choose Us #2

    Enabling Locals ITically

    We firmly believe that IT solutions should not be limited to a select few. They should be accessible to all, empowering every individual, every business, and every community to thrive in the digital age.

    Our journey has been marked by years of dedication, innovation, and tireless effort to make IT services inclusive and within reach of local businesses and individuals.

    We have witnessed the profound impact that IT can have on local economies, education, healthcare, and beyond. By bringing advanced IT solutions to local businesses, we have helped them expand their reach, streamline their operations, and compete on a global scale. We have empowered students with access to cutting-edge educational resources and enabled healthcare providers to enhance patient care through digital technologies.

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    Why Choose Us #3

    Your Vision, Our North Star

    We understand that your journey, whether as a business or an individual, is driven by a vision. It’s this vision that fuels your dreams, fuels your progress, and fuels your future. Our role is to be the compass that steers you in the right direction, helping you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Information Technology.

    From the inception of your project to its completion, our dedicated teams meticulously analyze your goals, challenges, and aspirations. We don’t just see you as a client; we see you as a partner on a shared quest for excellence. 

    We know that your success is our success, and we take this commitment to heart. We go above and beyond, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to ensure that your IT journey is marked by excellence, growth, and transformation.


    Why Choose Us #4

    Sincere Dedication

    At Aum Techmantra, our commitment to transforming lives through IT is driven by sincere dedication, a force that sets us apart in the world of technology solutions.

    We don’t merely consider ourselves in the ‘business’ of IT; rather, we view it as our profound ‘mission.’ Our dedication is not just a superficial gesture; it’s a genuine, heartfelt care for the individuals and businesses we serve.

    Our sincere dedication is not a simple line; it’s the very essence of who we are. It’s a pledge to stand by your side, to understand your unique challenges, and to work tirelessly to overcome them. It’s a promise to be more than just an IT service provider; it’s a promise to be your trusted partner on the path to IT-driven success. At Aum Techmantra, your goals are our goals, and your success is our ultimate reward.

      Why Choose Us #5


      With an impressive track record spanning over 8 years, our journey in offshore IT services has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our team is a brilliant assembly of English-speaking professionals, including software developers, mobile app developers, web developers, website designers, mobile app UI/UX designers, SEO experts, social media experts, SEO copywriters, technical writers, mobile marketers, email marketers, digital marketing experts, project managers, software architects, and proactive team leaders.

      Our proficiency extends across a diverse range of technologies, encompassing Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Platforms like JavaScript Frameworks, PHP, ASP.NET, Angular, Sun/Java, Swift, Objective-C, Android Studio,  Xamarin, PHP 7, CakePHP, Codeigniter, and Yi Frameworks. Our consistent commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as a reliable IT partner.


      Why Choose Us #6

      Client Support

      Our commitment to exceptional client support knows no bounds as our dedicated team is available 24/7 for client interactions and project updates, using English via phone, email, and chat. To ensure impeccable language proficiency, we’ve implemented comprehensive English language training modules for all our customer service team members and customer support staff.

      Moreover, our senior management actively participates in providing additional clarity to communication whenever the need arises. We take pride in delivering websites, software, and accommodating diverse global needs. Our emphasis on efficient project management tools not only maximises our teams’ productivity but also ensures seamless communication, punctual deliveries, and overall customer satisfaction.


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      Why Choose Us #7

      Uncomplicating Complexity

      Our journey begins with a deep-seated understanding that complexity can often be a roadblock to progress. In today’s fast-paced digital world, organizations grapple with intricate systems, diverse technologies, and multifaceted data. This complexity can overwhelm and hinder growth. That’s where we step in. We are masters of unraveling intricacies and making the seemingly impossible, possible.

      Our approach is rooted in strategic thinking. We don’t just offer quick fixes; we provide comprehensive solutions that address the core of the complexity. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in dissecting complex IT challenges, understanding the unique needs of each client, and crafting tailor-made strategies that streamline operations and drive efficiency.


      Why Choose Us #8

      Unparalleled Specialisation

      Aum Techmantra stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the realm of Information Technology. Our unparalleled specialization spans a wide spectrum of domains, from software development to mobile app creation, ERP systems to e-commerce platforms, and beyond. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to unique client needs, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology to create tailored, cutting-edge solutions.

      Our unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for innovation sets us apart, making us the ideal partner for those seeking to simplify complex IT landscapes, turning challenges into opportunities with strategic guidance. With “Enabling You ITically” as our mantra, every effort at Aum Techmantra is steadfastly aligned with our clients’ aspirations, making their success our guiding principle. 

        Why Choose Us #9

        Flexibility and Scalability

        Embracing a truly customer-centric ethos, we’ve structured our operations to align seamlessly with our clients’ preferred business hours, providing ’round-the-clock, business-enabling services. Our strategic geographic location empowers us to offer 24×7 service capabilities, significantly reducing turnaround times, even in the face of global time zone variations.

        Bolstered by a diverse and dynamic talent pool, we have access to a wealth of local expertise, ensuring rapid scalability when required. With a current workforce of over 50 dedicated professionals, we stand ready to swiftly expand our team to meet any burgeoning demands, reaffirming our commitment to your success. We not only meet your requirements promptly but also anticipate your future needs, ensuring seamless growth.


        Why Choose Us #10

        Worldwide Project Excellence

        Aum Techmantra has consistently proven its mettle on the global stage, proudly undertaking and successfully executing a wide array of IT projects in various corners of the world. May it be the USA, the UK, Canada, and other countries of the world.

        Our journey to meet international standards is a testament to our unyielding pursuit of perfection. From software development to project management, and security protocols to customer support, we left no stone unturned in our quest for excellence.

        Our track record of successful international projects stands as a shining example of our ability to not only meet but consistently exceed global standards. We don’t just aim for compliance; we aim for excellence, setting the bar higher with each project and achieving results that resonate on an international scale.

        Why Choose Us #11

        Project Management Expertise

        At Aum Techmantra, our IT project management expertise encompasses a wide array of endeavors, from software development and hardware installations to network upgrades, cloud computing, virtualization rollouts, business analytics, and data management projects. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products within stipulated timelines and budgets is underpinned by our exceptional project management practices.

        Our project managers are distinguished by their PMP certification and PMI training, and they excel at:

          • Identifying and mitigating risks from project inception.
          • Defining and meticulously managing project scope.
          • Ensuring the timely and budgetary completion of projects and services.
          • Guaranteeing that deliverables not only meet but often exceed user expectations.
          • Consistently delivering high-quality products.
          • Providing outcomes that substantiate our clients’ investments.
          • Ensuring consistent project management discipline throughout.