In a dynamic shift toward online marketing, Loews Hotels & Resorts transformed its approach, leveraging the power of Google’s digital channels. With 19 luxury hotels across the US and Canada, Loews sought to break free from the limitations of traditional print marketing and tap into the vast potential of digital platforms. Initially focusing on Contextual Targeting and Remarketing, they achieved a remarkable 10% increase in revenue, a 9% boost in bookings, and a 5% rise in unique site visitors across all properties.

Recognizing the efficacy of digital marketing, Loews Hotels redirected a significant portion of its budget to online channels, with a substantial investment in Google’s search and display marketing. Contextual targeting and Remarketing proved highly successful, with Remarketing alone generating $60,000 in revenue for an $800 investment. Encouraged by these results, Loews Hotels extended its success story with Similar Audiences, a tool enabling them to reach new potential customers whose profiles resembled those in their Remarketing lists.

This innovative approach, coupled with strategic digital spending, led to significant revenue lifts, exemplified by the success of the Loews Regency Hotel’s campaign. Shifting its remaining print budget to Google’s digital channels, including Remarketing and Similar Audiences, the hotel witnessed a 60% revenue increase and a 57% surge in bookings. The success extended to Cyber Monday 2012, where Loews Hotels nearly doubled revenue from the previous year, reaching $2 million with less room inventory available.

Looking forward, Loews Hotels plans to optimize its digital strategy further, exploring interest-based alignment, attribution modeling, and participating in Google’s Dynamic Remarketing beta. The success story illustrates the transformative impact of embracing digital marketing tools, enabling Loews Hotels to maximize their marketing efforts and strategically shift spending to drive continued success.

Unlocking Growth with Aum Techmantra: Leveraging Google Ads for Business Success

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, Aum Techmantra emerges as a strategic partner poised to elevate businesses to new heights through the power of Google Ads. Much like Loews Hotels & Resorts, our IT company is adept at crafting and implementing smart online strategies aligned with diverse business goals. Whether it’s increasing revenue, driving bookings, or expanding the reach of a brand, Aum Techmantra leverages its extensive expertise as a Google Partner to optimize campaigns and deliver tangible results.

By collaborating with Aum Techmantra, businesses can tap into the latest product knowledge in Google Ads, ensuring that campaigns are not just set up but orchestrated with precision. We understand that each business is unique, requiring tailored strategies to effectively navigate the online landscape. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to decipher their objectives, aligning them with the diverse array of Google Ads tools to create impactful campaigns.

From contextual targeting to dynamic remarketing, Aum Techmantra brings a wealth of experience to the table. We recognize the significance of reaching the right audience at the right time, a philosophy that underpins our approach to online advertising. Whether businesses seek to mirror the success of Loews Hotels & Resorts in driving revenue or emulate their strategic shift from traditional channels to digital, Aum Techmantra stands ready to guide them through this transformative journey.

Our commitment extends beyond mere campaign management — we empower businesses by providing insights, refining strategies, and ensuring a measurable return on investment. Aum Techmantra believes in achieving more together, fostering lasting relationships with Google to drive long-term success for our clients. As businesses navigate the complexities of the digital realm, our IT expertise coupled with Google Ads proficiency positions Aum Techmantra as the catalyst for online growth and prominence.