In the dynamic realm of online gaming, Riot Games, a global titan renowned for crafting immersive experiences such as League of Legends and VALORANT, embarked on a strategic journey to elevate their advertising endeavors. The primary goal was twofold: amplify their player base and concurrently reduce the cost-per-acquisition. In their pursuit of optimization, Riot Games faced a formidable challenge – the need to comprehensively comprehend the customer journey and precisely attribute conversions.

The intricate nature of their gaming ecosystem demanded a nuanced approach. As users flocked to the Riot Games website to sign up and download games, the company had the opportunity to glean invaluable insights into player behavior. However, a crucial link was missing – the ability to seamlessly integrate first-party data with campaign data. The conventional analytics landscape fell short, hindering Riot Games’ ability to attribute conversions accurately to their media campaigns.

Enter Ads Data Hub, a privacy-centric tool that promised to bridge this gap without compromising user privacy. Riot Games ingeniously harnessed the power of Ads Data Hub, connecting it with Google BigQuery to amalgamate first-party data and event-level campaign data from Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. This integration, accomplished in a mere four weeks, involved creating a matching table that harmonized Riot’s first-party data with Google’s ad data, all while preserving the anonymity of individual user information.

The impact was transformative. Riot Games could now unravel the intricate interplay of various advertising touchpoints in the customer journey, gaining the ability to attribute credit accurately and measure return on ad spend (ROAS). The result was a newfound benchmark that showcased the exceptional ROI – for every $1 invested in Google media, Riot Games realized $2 in revenue.

Empowered by these insights, Riot Games furthered their strategic prowess with a geo-based Conversion Lift test. Focusing on major gaming hubs like Brazil and the United States, they temporarily turned off all media except for Google’s. This enabled them to discern the incremental impact of Google media on user behavior. The revelations were striking – in the U.S., users exposed to YouTube, search, or display ads were 1.35 times more likely to sign up for games, while in Brazil, this figure skyrocketed to three times more.

The success story of League of Legends spurred Riot Games to contemplate similar experiments for their expanding portfolio of popular titles, including the acclaimed VALORANT. This narrative of data-driven optimization stands as a testament to Riot Games’ commitment to not only understanding their audience but also leveraging cutting-edge tools to maximize the impact of their advertising strategies in the fiercely competitive realm of online gaming.

App Promotion Mastery: Aum Techmantra’s Strategic Approach Inspired by Riot Games

In the dynamic landscape of mobile applications, Aum Techmantra, a distinguished IT company, stands poised to elevate businesses to new heights by harnessing the prowess of Google Ads, following in the footsteps of industry trailblazers like Riot Games. Recognizing the paramount importance of strategic app promotion, Aum Techmantra brings forth a comprehensive suite of services tailored to propel applications into the spotlight.

Aum Techmantra’s approach mirrors the astute strategies employed by Riot Games, focusing on a nuanced understanding of the customer journey. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Google Ads, Aum Techmantra ensures that businesses can precisely attribute conversions, a crucial aspect in the realm of app promotion.

Central to the methodology is the adept utilization of tools like Ads Data Hub, a privacy-centric solution that empowers businesses to glean actionable insights without compromising user privacy. By seamlessly integrating first-party data with campaign data, Aum Techmantra sets the stage for a holistic understanding of user behavior and campaign efficacy, akin to the success Riot Games achieved in optimizing their player acquisition strategies.

Aum Techmantra’s commitment to driving tangible results is underscored by their emphasis on return on ad spend (ROAS). Through meticulous analysis and attribution modeling, businesses partnering with Aum Techmantra can expect to establish benchmarks that showcase the direct correlation between ad investment and revenue generation. This ensures that every advertising dollar invested yields a quantifiable return, echoing the success Riot Games achieved with their advertising endeavors.

In parallel to Riot Games’ geo-based model to test incrementality, Aum Techmantra tailors app promotion strategies based on the specific demographics and geographies where businesses seek to maximize their impact. Whether it’s creating compelling YouTube ads, optimizing search campaigns, or strategically placing display ads, Aum Techmantra crafts tailored approaches that resonate with the target audience.

As Riot Games unlocked new dimensions of success through YouTube, search, and display ads, Aum Techmantra enables businesses to tap into the full spectrum of Google Ads capabilities for app promotion. From teaser campaigns featuring influential personalities to strategic targeting using affinity audiences, Aum Techmantra ensures that businesses can captivate their audience and drive app installations with precision.

The success narrative of Riot Games, propelled by data-driven insights and strategic ad campaigns, serves as an inspiring paradigm for businesses aspiring to make a significant impact in the competitive app market. With Aum Techmantra as a strategic partner, businesses can navigate the complexities of app promotion with confidence, leveraging cutting-edge tools and expert guidance to achieve unprecedented success in the realm of digital advertising.