In the beauty arena, Nykaa’s Google Ads experiment proved transformative, turning generic search terms into the melody of their success. A symphony of courage and innovation, Nykaa’s boom showcased the remarkable power of defying convention in the digital beauty landscape.

In a bold experiment that shook the beauty industry, Nykaa, the revered online shopping haven for beauty and wellness aficionados, dared to challenge the status quo. The mission?

To unravel the potential of generic search terms, like “lipstick” and “eyeshadow,” in driving sales for a brand that thrives in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Nykaa’s e-commerce trailblazers, perpetually in pursuit of novel avenues to connect with fresh online audiences and elevate sales, embarked on a journey beyond the safety net of branded keywords. These generic search terms, often dismissed as too broad and costly, were put under the spotlight.

The stage was set for a grand experiment, focusing exclusively on mobile users. The target audience spanned Tier 2 cities, excluding Mumbai, carefully divided into control and test groups using the Geo Experiments tool. The cities were meticulously selected through matched markets analysis to ensure parity between the test and control groups.

The test group, strategically dispersed across all beauty categories, implemented best practices to maximize conversions. On the flip side, the control group was deliberately excluded from all mobile generic search campaigns. The experiment unfolded across India for five weeks, followed by a two-week cooldown period to capture delayed conversions.

The toolkit comprised geographic experiments and search ad campaigns, ushering in a new era of exploration. The revelations were groundbreaking. Investing in generic search terms emerged as a catalyst for driving incremental results, challenging the conventional belief that they were too broad and lofty for practical gains. Nykaa not only witnessed tangible results but also shifted away from the confines of the last-click attribution model.

Hitesh Malhotra, the visionary Chief Marketing Officer at Nykaa, attested to the transformation, “Using Geo Experiments helped us prove beyond a doubt that generic search drives incremental conversions online and in-app. It also helped us realize the value of using a non-last-click-attribution model.”

This case study stands as a testament to Nykaa’s courage to challenge norms and the power of experimentation, a narrative woven into the fabric of the “Experiment with Google Ads” program.

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