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Let us Promote Your Business – ITically

Welcome to Aum Techmantra, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service Products and a comprehensive suite of IT Services. Our portfolio includes AumOLO, an Amazon-like platform tailored for shopkeepers, and UdyogVeda, a versatile ERP solution. We are dedicated to enhancing your digital well-being with innovative tools like AumPHD for technological health and AumHEALS, a convergence of vitality and healing practices. For those with global ambitions, our COMPASS Course Finder and RealScope offer opportunities in education and real estate.

In addition to our innovative products, we provide a spectrum of IT Services, ranging from Website Development and Digital Marketing to Content Writing, Promo Videos, and E-commerce platforms. At Aum Techmantra, we are committed to your digital success and eagerly anticipate embarking on this transformative journey with you. Explore our diverse range of Software-as-a-Service Products and IT Services at Aum Techmantra, where your unique needs take center stage.

From AumOLO for shopkeepers to UdyogVeda’s adaptable ERP solution, our offerings cater to a variety of needs. Experience digital well-being with AumPHD and AumHEALS, discover global opportunities through COMPASS Course Finder and RealScope, and leverage a range of IT Services, including Website Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Promo Videos, and E-commerce platforms. Join us on a journey of digital transformation and exploration, where your success is our primary commitment.