Many diseases do not happen over-night or SUDDENLY but, do develop slowly in the body. If a Health-Focused Body-Check-up is done by oneself, just by devoting 30 Minutes time once in a month; then based on the symptoms, the upcoming diseases could be diagnosed well in time and could be cured as well by the right treatment.

AumPHD is handy tool on your mobile phone, where you conduct a self-examination of your body as per the questionnaire & instructions given therein. Then you feed your physical symptoms (if any) in and you get the precise analysis of your health status, instantly.

This AumPHD assessment not only enables you to take the appropriates actions but, empowers you with the concerned knowledge about the same, let it be for medical check-up, diagnosis, nutri-supplement or any other remedial action for your well-being; and that is well in time.


We are, physically, what we eat. “All foods do contain various nutrients in different ratio and the nutrients are the very basis of the health”, has been the universal fact since ages. But, even after being aware about the fact; it has been impractical to almost every one to maintain the level of nutrients in the body and hence that of the health itself.

Three basic challenges are:

  • To estimate the Personal-Body-Need of ‘Nutrients & Energy’ on daily basis.
  • To assess the Feed of ‘Nutrients & Energy’ on daily basis.
  • To compute the deficiency /over supply of nutrients in the body (as deficiency and oversupply, both are equally harmful to the health) and to balance the level of the same through Daily-Simple-Diet.
  • However, a dedicated Health Seeker could resolve the first two problems just by ‘googling’ *144 minutes every day on www; but the third one, is the one which is almost impossible to address without being equipped-with some sort of Informational-Technological-Based-Device along with a bigger Data-Base-Support-Service.

    For the first time in the world, through ages, to sort these problems out on tips (literary finger tips) within minutes, a Revolutionary-Solution, named as MyNutriMeter has evolved. It is conceived & compiled by Dr. Aum, a Life Style Consultant, practicing for the last 20 years in this field and its IT-Support-Services are developed by M/s. Aum Techmantra, a pioneer Think-Do-Factory of its kind.

    MyNutriMeter Computes Your Diet daily and Completes Your Health consistently on very-very personal basis of yours.


    It is made to manage your business-finances, smartly. Besides being on premises software, it can be accessed from any part of world. One of the appreciating features BeEasyAum is that it is accessed not only through website but, through your mobile phone as well, to feel you have freedom. It surely saves your irrevocable time & energy.

    It is especially meant for the ‘Growing-Up’ retailers, traders, services providers etc., who ought to have book-keeping to be grown further. Keeping Accounts is the gateway to profitability.

    It has Cockpit like panel, where, all frequent business operations are on its dashboard. Further browsing, drop-downs & drill-downs are minimized. You feel like a Pilot, top of all in the sky. Its full accessibility through mobile phone makes you to feel that you have the “Account on Tips".

    Aum Wedding Window

    We call it AWW, the Wand Tool for the Weddings. Wedding is the only celebration in which the whole clan wants to witness the wedding moments with a delight.

    It helps you in the hassle-free-management of all the 3 sections (“Care, Share & Prepare”) of the Wedding without letting you miss the Enjoyment.

    Holding hands together as a wedding-couple, taking wedding-vows under the shower of heavenly blessings is something that every girl dreams about - one-of-its-kind-wedding.

    Millions of thoughts, hundreds of plans and just one wish - A Dream Wedding. Family, Friends and Relatives of both the sides start to radiate happiness for the to-be-wedding-couple. An aura of wedding celebration takes over the world around you. Countless preparations of wedding has to be done as the wedding-day comes closer.

    Each family member get assigned with a list of responsibilities to flourish your dream-wedding with perfection.