Aum Techmantra LLP is registered with registrar of companies (ROC) Delhi on 25th August 2015. It is the IT wing of Aum Group.

Aum Techmantra is a rising organization providing solutions in the domains of Geospatial, Information Technology, Web & Mobile Application development to global markets and industry verticals.

It is one of the fastest growing Off-shoring service vendors in India. With dedicated production facilities, we can scale resources and support the needs of our clients.

Vision & Mission

Vision: It shares it vision partially with Aum Group; and that is the part of universal prayer ‘सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः’ (“May all become happy”). It is for the wellbeing of not only human beings, but each & every creature which exists

Mission: Being a technical entity, we are committed to execute our responsibilities towards the fulfilment of the visionary objectives; technically.

Focusing on smart working with sincere devotion to the movement; is the key role of our team leaders and members. Our mission is to fulfil the human life with joy, happiness easy-blessings. Our tag line ‘Life-on-Tips’ is the briefest definition of our wide scope of work.

Pioneer in itself

I bet, my son would be your best friend. -Dr. Aum

All the Products & Services of the company are addressed as the ‘son’ by Dr. Aum, the founder of the Aum Group.

From above inspiration, we groom our products & services like that of our own children; which are our top strength and would be your best assets, we assure.

Our Products are all rounder trade- rich-featured and all of these do have the ‘Four-Pillared’ common unique features:

  1. These are pioneer, principally conceived and first of its kind, through out the world.
  2. These users-driven simplified products would make you convinced to possess them in must to have category instead that of the good to have.
  3. Being for the bigger community, the pricing of the products is almost at par and the cost would make you feel like a lucky charm kind of deal.
  4. As said above, these are our creations “ …and my son won’t let me down and keep you up”, as said by Dr. Aum – the founder of our group.